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The Femme Lords of Outpost 9 (Floo9) is a fantasy filled, interactive media, art and world building initiative. Our unique NFT collection contains 50 beautiful and unique Femme Lords and a base character set of 5,000 Citizens. Each Femme Lord and Citizen has a specific role to play in the universe, as the future depends on them. 

With more than 340+ hand drawn traits for the Citizens, each NFT is unique and gives you access to exclusive events, digital assets, and ownership in the Metaverse. Join our growing, collaborative community with many benefits and utilities.


A glimpse into the

Floo9 Universe

Almost two millennia after Earth’s Final War, in the year 4276, the Femme Lords are in charge of populating other planets to keep humankind alive. Their intergalactic Aural Directives are sent to the remaining men on a barely habitable Earth as well as other male alien species throughout the universe. Once received, the men choose which Femme Lord they would like to send their DNA code to via the Binary Parallel. The DNA technicians on the various Outposts infuse the Femme Lords with the genetic code necessary to reproduce. Once the babies are born, they are raised on their respective planets as Citizens to hopefully one day become a Femme Lord.

Just like the Femme Lords are in charge of the Outposts, the base character set of 5000 Citizens are in charge of keeping their planets in check. Each Citizen has a job to do, and if they gain a valuable skill, they can potentially become a Femme Lord through a tournament that takes place once every cycle. Will your Citizen become a Femme Lord? Or will you already be a Femme Lord?


The Femme Lords are the rarest NFTs in our collection. They are all hand drawn and have no element in common with the base Citizens collection.


Your creativity and community engagement will be a big part of our roadmap.


To get on the Whiteliste (WL), the more engaged you are, the better chances you have. So be an active and helpful member of the community. Win a meme contest, or make a funny meme that gets the attention of our mods. Draw some fan art that shows you understand the story of the Femme Lords & Citizens. Win our raid contests. Win giveaways & raffles. The Benefits of being on the WL are preferential access to the Tournament of the Lords and weekly raffles for a chance to win 50 NFTs and $COG.


We have purchased a parcel of land in The Sandbox directly next to Voxo Deus, to the left of RTFKT (just acquired by Nike), below Deadmau5 & Richie Hawtin, next to Gordon Ramseys’ Hell’s Kitchen, the quests of Triloga, as well as Zepeto, and above Adidas. NFT holders will gain access to our land and all the perks that come with it!


Everyone who holds a Citizen will be able to enter the most exclusive tournament in the metaverse. Youll put your skills to the test in 5 competitions: Intelligence, Agility, Strength, Courage, and a Valuable Skill. Winners will emerge as Femme Lords with epic prizes and cred to boot.


Floo9 will create avatars and digital items that can be used in the Metaverse. We have already created 3D voxels for the Sandbox. Not only that, but we also have purchased a stake in $SAND, the official coin of The Sandbox. We also own a stake of $POLIS, the DAO voting coin of Star Atlas. And we don’t plan on stopping there. Our goal is to partner up with games and brands that are symbiotic with our world. 


Daily raffles for an entire month with a chance to win $100 per day. Monthly surprises for NFT holders and unlock exclusive merch from the Outpost for holders. We will also create collectible figures and launch collaborations with artists. You will have to stay in touch for monthly Airdrops with future benefits.


Once our entire collection sells out we will host an EDM party with DJs from around the world to perform in a live virtual event in The Sandbox. It helps that our neighbors are Deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin, who knows, maybe they’ll make an appearance!


Our goal is to make sure your investments are highly profitable. To do so, we will set up several strategies (TotL, reduce supply, press & media outreach, social media marketing, partnerships, and more.) after the launch in order to increase the floor price.


Our number one priority is to expand our presence in the metaverse. One of the things we created, is the $COG coin to shape the future of our community. Holders of $COG coins will have a variety of perks depending on which role they have. We will provide liquidity for $COG in the near future to add value to your coins. Make sure to earn some!


Once we sell out, we will partner with a digital wearable company to help us bring our designs to the 3D metaverse. NFT holders will get the chance to wear their outfits in The Sandbox and other metaverses!


The most active members of our community will be invited to private events in different locations. We will be hosting events in UtopiaVR as well as metaverses like The Sandbox and Decentraland.


OG role will be given exclusively at the discretion of admins/mods, to the most outstanding members of the community. Few spots will also be made available to be won in giveaways/games. Guaranteed access to the Tournament of the Lords. Weekly raffles for a chance to win 50 NFTs and $COG. Several privileges on our parcel of land in The Sandbox Metaverse. Free entry for events and discounted tickets to competitions and games. Ability to Mint 2 Citizen NFTs.


Just like the Femme Lords, you can rank up from a Citizen to Prosaic, Remarkable, Extraordinary, and Legendary. We want your voice to be heard as you engage the community and others around you to join Outpost 9.


To help make the world a better place, the project has committed to donating a portion of each NFT sale to purchase a handmade item from Himalayan craftswomen in Kathmandu, Nepal. Additionally, the project founders have been helping raise baby orangutans and their rainforest habitat, by donating to the nonprofit Orangutan Foundation International for years. They will continue to do so with portions of NFT sales as well.


We have already begun early discussions with key brands, partners, and companies that will work well within our metaverse. Everything from events, digital wearables, and marketing.  We want the community to be a part of these talks and will host AMAs and events to start the discussions.


We plan on creating an eCommerce store for the crafts that the himalayan women create to help support them. We will also create Floo9 merch for you show off your status. Plus as we get our wearables made, your merch IRL will hold value in the metaverse. Cosplay contests anyone?


Once our collection is sold out, we plan on building a visual novel game (choose your own adventure style), where your Citizen has a base story and can rank up through the game, and the Femme Lords have a more robust storyline. We are currently working on the Floo9 card game Galaxy Titans and we want to build the Floo9 space shoot em up Degen Squadron that will be available to community members. 



With the Femme Lords, art actually becomes useful. You will discover different ways to use your NFTs in our following phases.


Our community will share decision making for our metaverse. We want YOU to be a part of the the choices we make!


Unlike other NFTs, with unique hand drawn characters, and the first Aural Directives ever made, you will be the only person to own each asset in the metaverse.


As you’ll see, we have many ambitions goals, and plan on executing on them. We want you to be a part of the process to benefit from each goal as they become accomplished!

The Future

Stay away from static NFTs that have no room for growth. With the Femme Lords, we will evolve and expand the metaverse for as long as it takes to complete our goals.


The Femme Lords of Outpost 9 was created by a team of digital native
Entrepreneurs, Technology experts, Artists, Marketing wizards, and Filmmakers.
We are committed to delivering a cutting-edge experience and making
this project a success.


The Visionary


The Femme Artist


The Tycoon


The Developer


The Wrangler


Trait Artist



They are humanity’s last hope for survival in a future where the Earth has become uninhabitable. Scattered throughout the multiverse are various outposts created by not only humans, but other alien species from different parts of the galaxy. Over two thousand years after earth’s final war, which destroyed most of the males on Earth, in the year 4276, The Femme Lords had to take over most of the important jobs in the multiverse to keep humanity alive.

NFTs are unique Non Fungible Tokens that have verifiable on-chain proof of ownership and verification. Anyone can verify the authenticity of an official asset on chain. Copies can easily be debunked as a copy. Some newcomers think you can screenshot an NFT and own it but that is hilariously not the case. If you photocopy a very rare Pokemon, MTG or baseball card and try to sell it on eBay you won’t get 6 figures, because it’s obviously a fake. With NFTs, the on chain data is proof of authenticity & legitimacy.‌‌‌‎ ‌‌‌‎ ‌‌‌‎

Our first NFT collection will contain 50 unique, hand drawn Femme Lord avatars with different rankings — your exclusive ticket into the greater Floo9 Metaverse. Each Femme Lord also has a unique Aural Directive, which is crucial to the survival of humanity. We also have 5,000 randomly generated Citizens with over 340+ unique traits. There are easter eggs, special creatures, bonus artwork, as well as audio, video, and a visual novel game. Each NFT you own comes with a lot of perks, so make sure to get one!‎


As of today, we feel as though 1 SOL is a fair mint price for Citizens the time spent on hand drawing all of the traits as well as other expenses we’ve had to incur to get the collection up and running. Femme Lords will be roughly 5-10 SOL with an exact price decided closer to launch. Mint prices also depend on the USD price of SOL, which as of late has been cut in half.


The Femme Lords are a first of their kind for the SOL network.
We are including:
– 42 million $COG minted for giveaways and future value.
– 200+ traits for highly unique and personalized Citizens.
– Aural Directives to bring the Lords to life in an audio format.
– Metaverse Development for future iterations and offerings.
– Floor strategy to reward all holders and high listers.
– Free airdrops to prepare your NFTs for the Binary Parallel.
– Exclusive access to upcoming projects in the Floo9 metaverse.
– Ability to breed baby Citizens.
– Monthly charity donations.


As of now, we are estimating the first part of the collection to be released by Q1 of 2022. Stay tuned  in our Discord for more updates.

Become a Femme Lord by Minting a Citizen!